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Appointments and Pricing​

  • Private Lesson: a 55 minute one-on-one session where your teacher will focus solely on you and your needs. - $78

  • Duet Lesson: a 55-minute session shared with a partner. Each of you will still have a lot of personal feedback from the teacher. - $58

  • Trio Lesson: a 55-minute session shared with two partners. While still receiving individual cues by the teacher, this session is more affordable and allows for more Pilates practice in your week. - $48


We offer packages of 5 and 10 sessions at a discounted rate for all of the appointments.

5 Private Lessons - $375

5 Duet Lessons - $275

5 Trio Lessons - $225

10 Private Lessons - $700

10 Duet Lessons - $500

10 Trio Lessons - $400

If you would like to enjoy all different types of appointments,

our most convenient pricing option is the ViviPilates Membership Account.

It works as a prepaid card: you fill your account with $400 (or more if you wish) and that becomes your credit. Every time you book and pay for a service, you'll get the best discount available for that service and the payment will come from your credit.

Your package will expire either when your balance is 0 or negative, or after 4 months from the date of purchase. After that, unless you refill your account again, you won't receive any discount for your services.

Prices with VP Membership Account:

Private Lesson - $70

Duet Lesson - $50

Trio Lesson - $40

Mat Class - $20


To book your appointment, check the calendar below and select the available day and time that fit your schedule. 

If you're new to us or to Pilates, the best option for you will be our Intro Pack, that will give you a considerable discount on your first 5 private lessons.

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