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Whether you’re completely new to Pilates or you have plenty of experience, we ask that you start your journey with us with a few private sessions. This is important for you, as you will learn what Pilates is about, and how each one of our talented teachers approaches the Pilates method, and can help us understand your goals and direct you towards the right path.


Our Intro Pack is a special package reserved to new clients only, and consists of 5 private lessons at the special rate of $275. If you have a friend, or family member who would like to join you, and you are both new to the studio, look for our Intro Duet Package ($175 each client for a package of 5 sessions).


For all of our other rates, please check under "Services", or on our app.


To purchase the package, and book your first session with us:

1. Download Vivipilates App

2. Create your account 

3. Purchase your package

4. Book your first session with us!

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