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Founded in 2018 in Pittsburgh by Viviana Romanazzi, ViviPilates is a Classical Pilates studio, fully equipped with the best equipment on the market (Gratz and Pilates Designs), offering private sessions and small group classes.


At ViviPilates we strongly believe in the power of your body to move well and feel good. We believe that, no matter what age, you should be able not only to move freely without pain, but also to feel strong enough to be independent and able to enjoy any activity that makes you happy.


We teach Classical Pilates, but we specialize in modern Biomechanics and Functional Anatomy, because we believe that movement without a purpose is not going to give you much result. Whatever session you take at ViviPilates, you'll always feel that your teacher is making specific choices for you, because every body is different, and every body is coming from a different path. We choose evidence-based education to continually improve and develop our comprehension of the human body and movement.


 At ViviPilates, you'll feel cared for, from the moment you enter the studio, till after your class. It is our commitment to give you real, tangible results. After your first session, you'll already feel energized, taller, and stronger. Little by little, you'll become aware of your own movement patterns, of your posture, and you'll develop the tools you need to improve both. You'll be more focused, and this will help in all the aspects of your life.


"Although I tend to get distracted during workouts, mat classes with Viviana always go by in a flash! Her quick pace and high energy mean that I am always engrossed  for the full hour. I feel exceptionally well cared for during class, when she often corrects my form, and makes sure to remind all of the participants to adapt exercises to our unique needs."



ViviPilates is located in the vibrant neighborhood of Squirrel Hill, in Pittsburgh. Since March 2020, we are also providing virtual education through the Zoom platform. Whether you are in our studio with us, or in the comfort of your home, you'll be able to get much more than just exercise. Our commitment is to give you a very special experience, in a kind and supportive environment. Our classes are full of focus and precision, but also full of laughter and joy. You'll be part of a community, and you might even make new friends.


"I really appreciate the community of people who take

your classes. Some exercise classes I have taken in the

area can be competitive. That is not the case at ViviPilates.

The other people who take the classes are very supportive of each other" 


If you're new to Pilates, we suggest that you start with a few private sessions, so that you can discuss your goals and your teacher can make a plan for you to achieve them. Every lesson will be tailored not only towards your individual needs as a student, but also considering the specific needs of each day.

"After working with Viviana, my body feels whole, intact, connected, and strong.

 I have noticed a general improvement in my attitude and mindset, as well. I credit Vivi's perseverance and high standards for my increased stamina. I do feel better about my body." 





5865 Forbes, 2nd floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15217


1-412-265 5946

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